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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Saturday, April 27, 2013


You know, these days are never easy for me. It is not I can tell you that. o many unexpected things happened but yet, I think that incidents really taught me something. Taught me to not forever feel insecure. It's my first time ever being in a long distance relationship and I am scared that I'm gonna sucks at it. But, with the support I had, I don't have to be scared anymore. Insecurities will always be there with me. I'm not going to lie about that because all girls will feel the same. And yes, I do believe that trust is all you need when you're far apart because distance only separates you in the eyes, not in the heart. He told me so. And I have no doubts on him. Why should I? I trust him. I've spend almost 10 months with him together and I know he loves me as just the same as I do. Mimie once said to me, she doesn't really believes in 'trust needed when you're far apart'. She believed that when two person are separated by distance, they must have the feeling of needing each other and that what makes them always feel closed. And I am not saying it's wrong. For me, it's also true. When both of you needed each other, you won;t even forget each other. And I believed in that too. There are so many things that people keep saying about long distance relationship. Some also give negatives response, but it's just part of their opinion. The rest is all belong to me. I'm the one who's experiencing it, and I believe in my relationship. That's all matter. Can't wait for May to come. Dear May, please come sooner :) 

Nurul Hidayah