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Sunday, April 15, 2012




Today is the day when my future is determined. Hahahaha. Okay, kidding. I went to the tesl interview at UiTM Shah Alam (INTEC) today. *yeay, yeay, cheering* Lol~ So, Im just going to tell the story about my day today. Its all about TESL's Interview. *my heart still beating so fast now* 

I woke up in the morning at 7AM. Actually mom has tried to wake me up since 5AM so that I can prepare everything without being clumsy. Hehe^^ Well, you know me...So, I woke up at 7AM and got dressed quickly, put some make-up on *cough* hehe. just a compact powder and lips ice okay? No lipstick-2, eyeliner or so whatever can make me look like a 'model' . Haha. I wear my brown baju kurung given by mom, black pashmina by my adek ninot's, shoes and handbag from maksu. hewhew, I wear handbag!!! Do you believe this? Okay, better believe it. Lol~ Haha. So, Im done. Get in the car and straight heading to PKNS to meet my dad. Ofc I'll have to meet daddy first before going to the interview. *amek berkat konon* haha. Dad gave me such a supporting words. "You can do it, Never say you cant" Always will remember those words. Even its just a simple words, its words from daddy. My one and only daddy. Hehe. Dad take me to KFC for breakfast and we talked, talked, and talked. Thats the only thing we could do in AM.

So, when the clock strike right at 12PM, mom told me to get a cab so we can arrive at the INTEC on time. Instead of being there right on the time, we arrived early at 12.30PM and I read Stars Newspaper waiting for my turn to get in the hall and take my test. Around 12.45PM, Haikal just finished his Interview and I ran straight to him to ask everything that happens in the room. Everything that happens between him and the panel. And he told me everything about it and I gain my confidence through his story. If haikal can do it, why cant I? Thanks Haikal for giving me such a support. 

And here goes the story of me and the TESL Interview. Finally..Haha. 
I went into 'Dewan Dedaru' which is the name of the hall where i took my writing test before going to the interview. Started the exam at 2PM and i scratch my head like I have 'kutu' on my head. Hahaha. *joking* The comprehension test was so hard. its kinda tricky, well, Universities level aite? Of course its going to be difficult. But I love the topic for the essay. "The Benefits of social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc among Teenagers" I got so many ideas for that topic and I tried my best to elaborate them in just 250 words. I think I made the essay almost until 300 words. Haha, nahh, so what? At least I answered the essay :P

Right after the test is over. I went to Room TEC5 which the place I will be interview by the interviewers. And there goes my heart, beating like a drum on the Agung's Installation Ceremony. *err before that, does the ceremony has drum playing in it?* *suka hati aku je cakap ikut sedap mulut* Haha. I waited for my turn from 3PM until 6PM. Well, since Im on the 16th in the waiting list, all I have to do is just wait. I get into the room at 6PM . Here how the interview goes :

I walk in the room and say Assalammualaikum...

Panel 1 : Hai. 
Me : Hai. 
Panel 2 : Assalammualaikum *with a smile on her face*
Me : Waalaikummussalam. 
Panel 1 : Well, she said Assalammualaikum cause nobody ever say Assalammualaikum before entered the room. 
Me : *laughing while handing my certificates file* The one in the red file is the original and this one is the copy.
Panel 2 : Okay, thanks. So, have a seat Hidayah. 
Me : Thank You :) *put my handbag on my side*
Panel 1 : So, tell me a little bit about yourself...
Me : Blah..blah..blah...*answering the questions* I love to read. I read books from Jim, Jodi Picoult and etc..
Panel 2 : *with a smile face* Jodi Picoult is good. 
Me : And...I love writing on my blog too. I write about my daily life, my feelings and many more.
Panel 2 : Wow, that's great. What is your blog address?
Me : Princesshakunamatata.blogspot.com.
Panel 1 & 2 : LOL.
Panel 1 : Where did you got the word 'hakuna matata'? *laughing*
Me : Its from the Lion King movie.
Panel 2 : Yeah, yeah, I know that story. its cool.
Panel 1 : Well, arent you afraid of what people might say when you blog about your feelings and life  on your blog?
Me : *answered the question* SECRET! Hehe.
Panel 2 : Okay, so tell me, do you really like teaching?
Me : *answer the question with a little bit of jokes in it* Hehe. Such as 'I love kids and kids love me too' Lol~

And the questions keep coming out from the panels mouth. Haha. Skip all the other questions. continued~

Panel 1 : Any current issues that you know now?
Me : * I talk about the ptptn ablished thingy*
Panel 1 : Okay, final question. What do you really hope in your life?
Panel 1 & 2 : LOL~
Panel 2 : I like that! Hahahaha.
Panel 1 : And do you think you can be happy when you've became a teacher?
Me : Of course! Teaching is my passion. 

And there goes the end of the interview. Haha, everything goes well in the room. And the panels keep laughing when I talked which is kinda cool actually cause Im not that good in making people laugh. haha. Now, I just have to pray that i got my place in those 200 students that they wanna choose. 800 candidates who came, but only 200  will be chosen. I hope I'll be one of the student in that 200 student. May everything goes well. InsyaAllah, pray for me, pray for Haikal. A step forward to further my studies. Aminnn :) 

P/S : Cant talk much longer. Im exhausted. Need my rest. I'll continue this story later.

Love, Nurul Hidayah