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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



DUP DAP DUP DAP DUP DAP. Your heart must be beating this hard isnt it? The curiosity is all over you now. Wanted to know what the bad news is. Let me tell you. Here what's the story sounds like. Lets make it more dramatic. Hehe. Once upon a time......argh, cut it out. This is not a fairytales. This is real story. 

I was on my way to the clinic with mom in about 9PM earlier. At that time, I was so hyper tweeting. Cursing my boss for always making my life hard. Lol~ Its not cursing actually. Its just a mad tweets referred to my boss. Hehe n.nV And a moment later, my phone sings ~oh oooo, oh ooo, now this is going to be the last time you did me wrong~ *its Rihanna, Hating On The Club* Hehe, got a text from Nami. "Awak, Paan accident" After reading the text, I dropped my phone. Luckily, I've dropped it on the seat, not on the street. I was so shock knowing that the most funny, adorable, brave, and sometimes a little bit show off guy, Paan, which is one of my closest friend in school before got involve in an accident. And this was his first time. *trying to hold the tears inside the eyes* I may look like Im making jokes about him now, but I am seriously worry sick about him. He's my closest friend, ofc I will be worry about him. And luckily, he got no serious injury like break a bone, head or etc. Just a few stitches maybe. And a few cut almost half of his body. *wondering how does he looks like now* Hehe, cause he's also one of the charming guy in the school. Ahh, all that doesnt matter anymore now. All I hope now is he's going to be okay and just fine. I've give him advice for so many times before. "Ride your motorcycles carefully. Dont rempit-rempit" But he just wont listen. Paan and Lilo both are the same stubborn people I've ever known. Im scared that the same thing that happen to Lilo will happen to Paan. Luckily everything is okay now. All I can do is pray for the health of my friend. And to everyone who read this, please pray for my friend Farhan so he can be better. Thanks n.nV

This is me. Riding the scooter with Farhan. Such a dangerous time. Lol~ Risking my life there. *joking*
 Love, Nurul Hidayah