"I typed my life because I don't want to forget each moment. I'm Nurul Hidayah, 20. Muslimah. Malaysian
They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Bloggy

I know this is the end of my life. there's no more us in my life. No more Iman, for real, he's gone and im dying here. I thought he'll stay true to me until the end of our life but still he didnt. I lose his love towards me. All i ever do is just to love him. I cant stop from loving you. All this 6 months we've been together, you waste it. Waste it all just because of that fuckin shit feeling. I really need you. Dont you know that. You broke my heart. Thousand pieces of me is on the floor and you just watch it but never try to pick it up. You hurt me and you know that. Once you walk away, you took my smile with you and now you wont even see it again. There's a lot of guys in the world, but there's no one like you. All i want is just you. Iman, thanks. Thanks for making me feel this way, thanks for giving me this pain, thanks for teaching me the pain about life. You wont feel a thing, but i do.