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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Bloggy

Dido just nak cite what a great cousin i have. And they are, Abg Luqman, Abg Asyraf, Ilham, and Najat. Even dorg neh kuat buli dido pun, but dorg the best. I love everything about them. Dorg tak sombong mcm 'N' and dorg tk bajet mcm 'A' haha, only certain people knows that. Dorg mmg cousin favorite dido. Everytime raya, dorg lah yg dido tunggu balik. Esp Najat, she's my sister, my cousin, my BFF and everything to me. Baru baru neh, I means semalam lahh. Haha, my mom suruh i teman dorg pegi beli Pizza utk dinner kt rumah opah. So, dido pakai simple jela kan. Put my sweater on and slippers and im done. Haha. And dido tk tahu pula dorg planning nak mkn kt sne. So, sampai jeh dekat Pizza Hut tuh, dorg semua order mcm mcm. And dido diam jela. Biasa lah kan. Dido neh bukan tahu menahu sgt benda2 dkt Pizza Hut neh, kalau Secret Recipe tahu lahh. Haha, so, i just ate what they had ordered for me. Tapi, mmg puas. Sgtsgt puas sampai rasa full gila perut neh. Haha. Dorg order dua Pizza, 8 barbeque chickens, 2 iced blended mocha, lasagna, and what else ehh? Dido pun lupa lahh. haha, tapi mmg penuh la meja tuh dibuatnye. Yg mkn 6 org jeh pun, tapi meja penuh mcm 16 org yg mkn. Haha, thanks guys sbb dah bwk dido mkn smlm. Bila lg dido nak merasa mkn mewah mcm neh kan kan. Haha, And dlm kereta pula, they made lots of silly jokes anout my sister and it was hilarious act. Haha, mmg gelak non stop dlm kereta tuh. Semua benda jd bahan lawak haa. And thumbs up buat abg Luqman lah sbb byk buat dido rasa happy gila smlm :) Even kau pembuli pun kan. HAHA, SORRY! Bila dekat rumah opah pula, they made a joke about my name 'DIDO' so what? Biarlah dido nak guna nama glamour sikit. Haha, korg jealous keh ha ha? hehe, and ktorg berebut tv. Me and Najat VS Ilham, abg Asyraf, and Abg Luqman. Tak adil kan? Mesti lah dorg menang sbb dorg lebih satu. haha, so, instead of watching Pocong 3, ktorg terpaksa tgk dorg main PS3, FIFA. What a bored ==" Anyway, rasa seronok juga lah bila korg ada. Sbb kalau korg tkde, i'll be stuck in a room in front of my laptop. HAHA. Thanks Gys for all the years we've been trough :P