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Friday, July 1, 2011

Things change now.

Dear bloggy,

everythings change now. nothing is going to be normal after this. Iman is going college and im going to ceoncentrate on my SPM. but sadly, since Iman had gone to his college, he never have a time for me. not even a minute, not even a seconds. i keep waiting and waiting. waiting for him to cal me, to text me, or just to caome in front of my house and say that he miss me. but nothing ever happens. its already been 2 days since he in college now. the first day, he text me only at night. at 10 pm maybe i dont remember it much.and on the second day, he never ever text me for the whole day. im sad. yeahh! im really sad. dont he miss me. i keep on texting his mom asking if he's home. but yett, there's nothing from him and im frustrated. maybe thats true. maybe what my friends told me before, will come to the true. no more time for me, no more love for me or maybe he wont even remembers me. em, yeah! things change.