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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It takes only 2 days :)

Dear Bloggy , 

2 days ? isnt it a short time to really  get to know someone ? haha , not for me :) i spend 2 days at my man's house . i slept there . i get to know his family better , i got to know what they do on weekends , and many more . yeah ! it was fun . there's one day we had a pillow fight . haha , i slap him . sorry sygg . apologise :P there's a lot of happy things and fun things happen when  was there . his mom ? oh goshh ! his mom is really a warm person . she treats me like im her own daughter . i love her . love her just like i love my mom :) i love talking with her . she understands me :) yeah , my man is lucky to have a strong and loving mom like her . 2 days i spent there is not enough for me . i love to be there . laugh all day long , away from anything that happen on me . when i lived there (even only 2 days) i found the new me . at last , i can laugh ! i simply can laugh at a place called HOME . even if its not my home . i felt like finally someone do cares about me , someone loves me , someone cares about my opinion .even i felt it only for 2 days , it means a lot to me . the way my man treats me , the way his mom treats me , the way his sister's treats me and the way his cuzzy treats me really makes me feel warm . no one ever make me feel like this before . but now , i felt it . and thanks to them . without you guys , maybe i dont feel better like i feel now . thanks for everything guys ! * AUNTY IMAN SISRIERA FARRA SYAMIRUL and ABG HASRUL  . i love you guys .