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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Monday, May 16, 2011


Dear bloggy , 

sorry for not talking to you for a long time . busy with exams . urghh , you know how i hate exams rite ? haha :DD seriously , i really had been in a tough situation on these days when i dissapear for a while . haha , *kidding ;pp  err , its really a bad days foe meee :( wish i could talk to someone about it . but stil , there's no one understands me rite ? only you and the only 'gilaa' ohh gilaa ! where have you been ? i miss you so lately . i wish you could be here , listening to my sorrow . urrghh , now , im back to the days where i failed in my love life . i had a lot of problem with him . yeah ! my boy of course . who else . i dont think he really knows me . he treated my like im not even his girl . wish he could be more undrstnding and protective . maybe im to serious for our relationship . i just want him to give attention to me . for me , i always get what i want and even im not , i'll try to get it no matter what . i dont know for how long we could protect our relationship this way . maybe its time for me to give and take . be silent and listen to wtv he wanted to say . ok dido ? try to be a new person for a new love life .