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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cliche PART 1 :)

Hey peps :)
starting from today , there will be some episodes about a schoolkid love story . so , hopefully you'll enjoy it :) i named this story 'CLICHE' because i like that words , its full of cliche :) haha , lets get started . 

Characters : Jenny , Harold ,Sid , Isaac and Lisa :)

ok , here it goes , Jenny and Lisa are best friends . they are like the best girlfriends ever . and Harold ? he's their classmates . a month ago , Lisa had a crush on Harold and she told Jenny about it . and Jenny thought that it was funny because Harold is a good guy . he doesnt get that close with girl . yeah ! he"s like a nerdy nerd guy maybe . but still , Lisa thinks that Harold is the one and Harold is the guy . ahah :D poor Lisa , she didnt know at that time , Harold is not that into her .

ok , after a months , Lisa suddenly think that Harold is not that attractive at all . its just because she had found a better guy for her . Sid is the guy . Sid is a friend of Jenny . and now , Lisa and Sid had declared as a couple . wishing them happy always :) ok , now here is the time for the conflict of this story . 

Jenny had a boyfriend named Isaac . Isaac is really into her and Jenny loves him too . but now , Jenny becomes closer to Harold . Harold always ignored any girls that wanted to be close to him , but for Jenny , she's an exception . its weird huh ? Harold thinks that Jenny is comfortable to talk with . whever they go , they will go together . most people thought that Jenny is having an affair with Harold . but the thing is , everybody is wrong .

Here is the truth ! after a long time until now , Jenny had never thought that she would falling for Harold until one day , her hearts keeps beating when she's with Harold , she keeps trying to be perfect for Harold . and that is just happened ! JENNY IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HAROLD ! OMG ! but she never wanted to hurt Isaac at the same time . Jenny thought that Harold just had the same feelings as her too . but she didnt wanted to ask because if he is not that into her , she will be humiliated for the rest of her life . she always wanted to share her feelings with Lisa . but she was scared that Lisa will be mad at her because she was once falling for Harold rite ? now , Jenny is really in dilemma about it . days keep going trough . Harold always being nice to her . but Jenny loves Isaac . she's confused . 

peps , what should Jenny do ? give your opinion by commenting this post or wall me at fb , search for Dido Momsen :)

p/s : sorry if i had a bad english . still tying to fix it :)
-dido momsen-