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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He's turning 17 on 15th november =.='

For you boy , i dont think that you remember or care about me anymore . but that doesnt matter to me because you've been my friends and always be .  fyi , on your 17th birthday , we have been friends for a year . did you still remember when we met on your 16th birthday ? huh , i dont think you remember anything about me rite ? im just a girl who suddenly met you huh ? now , its everything about you . i just wanna say sorry for picking up fight with you . it was never my intention to break your heart or wtv .  dude , seriously you are my superman . trust me , with whoever i was , you always be my superman . haha , you always said that we were meant together because 5 days after your birthday , it was mine :) i still remember your present for my 15th birthday . it was wonderful and no one ever knew about it . i admit , i fall for you once , but i never hopes anything from you . i just wanna hang out with you every weekend together like we used to . you told me your jokes and i laugh about it . you always had a time for me , for listening to my nagging all the time . haha :D it was fun . do you remember that time when we were at B house . i pull your hair and you bite my hand . and we had a small fight . hehe , and suddenly you sang anita sarawak's song . its really hillarious ! i didnt knew that you know that song . haha :D em , then you wanted to force me to eat . but i dont want . so , you scold me and then i eat . haha :D you really care about me . and i love it . you never let me down and you always bring me up . i still remember that time when we're at kl , hang out together . you pull my hair and i was mad so i chased you all over the pavillion .haha :d it was funny . i also remeber that you promise me that you will always be my guardian angel :) you will never let me go . i still keep your chain with me . i wore it everyday .  i always hoping that everything between us is fine . i dont wanna fight with you anymore :( i need my superman . i want to hear you call me dido yuna again :( 

*im sorry because i cant be with you on your 17th birthday like i always does .