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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When i was nine years old , my parents friends would always take a look at me and then say , as though they've just wonder : " WOW ! YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER ! " i wasn't amused . All i could hear was " WOW ! YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER ! " . Not exactly what a Gossip Girl fan aspires to be .

In my teens , this lookalike shtick didnt go away , in fact , to my horror and my mother's pleasure , people now think we look like sisters . Now , Mrs Aribah is a good looking stylish woman but not exactly what an Cameron Diaz fan aspires to be ( no disrespect mum ) .
In this issue , i am further reminded of the mysterious power a mother's imprint can have . Check out ELETTRA WIEDEMANN , daugther of the actress and legendary Lancome icon  , ISABELLA ROSSELINI . you'll see that the young ones are beneficiaries of a A-grade physical and intellectual properties . Is it a surprise they all ended up doing what their mother's did ?

As oscar wijde wrote in "THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST' : " ALL WOMEN BECOME LIKE THEIR MOTHERS . THAT IS THEIR TRAGEDY . NO MAN DOES . THATS HIS "  We should be lucky . But luckier still if your mom is one of these hot mamas : gwen stefani , jessica alba , j.lo , or victoria beckham . So we can steal their DNA's but we sure can steal thier style ! :) i myself have embraced the fate that i'm my mother's daugther . In fact , this days im going to thank her for being the bearer of such a good genes . Did i juat praise myself too ? HAHA . I've really become as proud as my mother ! Im proud to call myself mommy daugther :) ILOVEYOU MOMMY :D